May 25, 2024

The way I’m going to break this down is I’m not expecting any huge upsets to occur example would be Lake Norman Charter over West Lincoln or Mcdowell over Freedom. Remember that that’s why they play the game though.

Northwestern Foothills 2A

Hibriten- #1 automatic playoff berth

Bunker Hill- #2 automatic playoff berth

Draughn- close to bubble but last 2 wins should have them in and expected to win out

West Iredell- expected to go 1-1 right now at the bubble line 50-50 if they get in

Patton East Burke West Caldwell and Fred T Foard-OUT

South Fork 2A

North Lincoln-#1 automatic playoff berth

Newton-Conover-Can clinch #2 automatic playoff berth with win over Maiden and West Lincoln win over East Lincoln. Will be in atleast as a wildcard(owns tiebreaker over West Lincoln)

West Lincoln- Can force a 3 way tie for 2nd with Maiden and Newton-Conover if West Lincoln wins out Maiden wins out and East Lincoln win over Newton-Conover. Should be in atleast as a wildcard(owns tiebreaker over Maiden)

Maiden- Clinches #2 seed if they win out and East Lincoln beats West Lincoln. Also West Lincoln 3 way applys for #2 seed. Should be atleast in as a wildcard (owns tie breaker over East Lincoln)

East Lincoln- Clinches #2 seed if they win out and Newton-Conover beats Maiden. Should be in atleast as a wildcard.

Bandys- near the bubble but should be in as a wildcard

Lincolnton and Lake Norman Charter-OUT

Northwestern 3A 4A

Watauga- #1 automatic playoff berth 3A

Hickory- Clinches automatic playoff berth #2 seed if they win vs Alexander Central. On bubble as a wildcard 50-50 chance as a wildcard. (Owns tiebreaker over Freedom)

Freedom- should go 1-1 Clinches #2 seed if Hickory loses out. Forces a 3 way tie if Alexander Central wins out and Hickory loses to St. Stephens. Should be in atleast as a wildcard.(owns tiebreaker over South Caldwell and Alexander Central)

Alexander Central- can only clinch #2 automatic playoff berth with Freedom and Hickory (3 way tie schenario via explained in Freedom schenario) should be in atleast as a wildcard.

South Caldwell-Clinched #1 seed 4A currently seeded as a wildcard can be seeded as a automatic if they win out

St. Stephens and McDowell-OUT


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