July 12, 2024

Myers Park wins big over Olympic 42-0

Myers Park Cheerleaders and fans

I hate Monday Night High School football for many reasons.

This evening we saw several players go down with injuries, and for many, this was a physical night, and they must turn around and play again on Friday night.

Very early in this game Olympic looked like they might be able to make a game of it; that, however, didn’t last long. Olympic was able to keep things competitive in the 1st quarter, falling behind only 7-0. however, Mistakes including two costly turnovers for a score that put an end to the “close” game as Myers Park jumped out to a 35-0 half-time lead.

Drake May connected with Muhsin Muhammad for three TDs in the first half. The defensive contributed the other two scores in the first half.

Myers Park Head football coach Scott Chadwick said afterward, that he was happy with the team’s execution. This was the first day of school, the kids had to go through all the first-day stuff and then play a game. On top of that, it is a Monday game.

If any that impacted anyone it was Olympic, not Myers Park. Olympic dressed some very solid numbers, AD Stephanie Wilkerson estimate that 60-Varsity players dressed and they have near 100-players in their program; of course Olympic is one of the largest schools in North Carolina. So you’d think a few kids would come out.

I could tell you about the youth at Olympic, but there is also some new guys fitting in at Myers Park. I will not say that Myers Park has put everyone on notice with this game. Chadwick thought this game was a good barometer to help point out areas that need work.

So let’s see how this team works out those points.

I will add some other content to this article including video etc. This will provide me the opportunity to see how those features work here on the “New site”.

First quarter Drake May to Mushin Muhammad TD Pass
Tahj El 7-yard fumble return for TD
Cameron Roseman-Sinclair 37 Pick-6
Mushin Muhammad 35-Yard TD pass from Drake Maye


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