June 20, 2024

The Battle Between the East and the West since the Subdivision of Playoffs

Yesterday, all eight West representative defeated their East counterparts in the NCHSAA state championship games. Here are the results:

1A: Robbinsville 45, Northampton 14

1AA: East Surry 56, Tarboro 28

2A: Reidsville 14, Northeastern 0

2AA: Shelby 34, Salisbury 0

3A: Charlotte Catholic 23, Southern Nash 7

3AA: Weddington 34, Lee County 14

4A: East Forsyth 24, Cardinal Gibbons 21

4AA: Vance 24, Leesville Road 3

As you will later see, 2019 was the first year when the West had a clean sweep of all 8 playoff classifications.

Starting in 2001, the 1A classification subdivided playoffs, creating 1A (smaller 1A schools) and 1AA (larger 1A schools). In 2002, the 2A, 3A, and 4A classifications followed suit. Here are the results between the East and the West for years 2001 through 2019:

2001 West 2, East 0 (East won the non-subdivided 2A and 3A, while the West won 4A, but not included in these figures)

2002 West 7, East 1

2003 West 5, East 3

2004 West 6, East 2

2005 West 6, East 2

2006 West 6, East 2

2007 East 7, West 1

2008 West 6, East 2

2009 West 5, East 3

2010 West 4, East 4

2011 West 4, East 4

2012 East 5, West 3

2013 West 4, East 4

2014 West 5, East 3

2015 West 5, East 3

2016 West 6, East 2

2017 West 4, East 4

2018 West 6, East 2

2019 West 8, East 0

2001-2019: West 93, East 53 (the West have won approximately 64% of all subdivided championships).

As you will see, the West have won at least half of the state championship games each year except for 2007 and 2012. The West have won at least 5 of the 8 championship games in 12 of these years.

Here are the breakdowns by classification, since each each classification subdivided for the playoffs:

1A: West 14, East 5

1AA: West 11, East 8

2A: West 11, East 7

2AA: West 12, East 6

3A: West 13, East 5

3AA: West 9, East 9

4A: West 9, East 9

4AA: West 14, East 4

Besides 3A and 3AA (the West and East both won 9 championships a piece in these playoff subdivisions), the West have won the majority of the championship games in each subdivided classification.

From 1A to 4AA, the West have clearly had the upper hand. Will this trend continue in future years?


3 thoughts on “The Battle Between the East and the West since the Subdivision of Playoffs

    1. @vik-val-86

      Good questions!  At the end of the day, I believe we will still see 8 state football championships.  

      Scenario A:  Status quo and stick with 4 classifications and then subdivide for football.  8 championships.

      Scenario B:  Have 5 classifications but have 1A and 5A considerably smaller than 2A, 3A, and 4A.  I’m guessing we could see a model of 12.5/25/25/25/12.5%  1A and 5A would not be subdivided, but 2A, 3A, and 4A would subdivide.  We would still have 8 championships.

      Scenario C:  We have 5 classifications and have a 20/20/20/20/20 model.  I think this is highly unlikely.  However, should that happen, we would probably have 10 state football championships.

      I do not see any way that we won’t have a minimum of 8 state championships.  

      I know the NCHSAA office is interested in 5 classifications.  However, to have the bylaws amended, and the 4 classification structure are part of the current bylaws, you must have a “yes” vote on three-fourths of all ballots distributed.  Each NCHSAA member school will receive a ballot.  For example, if there are 416 NCHSAA schools, you would need 312 “yes” votes.  If the ballots return and we have 300 “yes” votes and 20 “no” votes, the measure doesn’t pass (i.e., not voting is the same as voting “no”).  

      Here are the NCHSAA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws:  https://www.nchsaa.org/sites/default/files/attachments/Articles%20of%20Incorporation.pdf

      1. @jimwestOk thanks Jim. You are really knowledgeable on the subject. It will be interesting to see how things turn out when the next realignment comes up.  

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