June 20, 2024

Watauga looks good in the 10 minute offense vs defense series but Maiden dominates the chains

The thin, the youthfulness,and the shocking is the way you would describe the scrimmage Saturday morning at Thomas E. Brown Stadium. As finally the Watauga Pioneers traveled down the mountain to face the Maiden. The scrimmage was scheduled to be played at Maiden last season but was moved to Boone due to the track being worked on at Maiden. As the first offensive vs defense series begun. Ethan Rhodes a sophomore would show his youthfulness as he would be picked off by the Watauga defender. The Watauga defense would dominate most of the 10 minute series. On the last play of the series Dyan Abernathy would break off a huge touchdown run but it would be called back for holding. On Watauga’s first play in thier first 10 minute offense vs defense series. Watauga senior QB Anderson Castle would hit his reciever for a huge gain down to the 20. The Maiden defense would hold strong but as the 10 minute series continued the Watauga offense eventually scored on a short run by Jaiden Bond. Watauga defense was to much for Maiden during Maidens 2nd offense vs defense series. During Watauga’s 2nd offense vs defense series it would be highlighted by Anderson Castle huge bomb and would eventually lead to the last score of the scrimmage as Watauga outscored Maiden on the 2  10 minute offense vs defense series 2 TDS to 0. As the chains got brought out and the game like situation got started. Maiden would dominate forcing a turnover on downs by Watauga. The Maiden offense this 12 minute would eventually outscore Watauga 3 scores to 0 highlighted by a flea flicker by Dylan Abernathy pass to a wide open Brennan James 70 yd touchdown pass on Maiden’s first score of the scrimmage. Maiden would score 2 more times later on. Ethan Rhodes would also improve during the game like situation completing passes. As the scrimmage ended Maiden and Watauga showed both good and bad signs of themselves they can improve on as the August 23rd kickoff date approaches. Now I’ll give you my strengths and weaknesses from the full Scrimmage.WataugaStrengths* Anderson Cattle showed he has a great arm as a senior QB*WRs showed they can make great plays*The coaching continued to ride his players through the whole game.Weaknesses* Defense got outscored 3 scores to 0 during the chains. Gave up way to many big plays*Tackling way too many missed tackles.*The running game. Had very few good gains MaidenStrengths* Dylan Abernathy made big plays throughout the whole game. Showed he is the leader of the team.* The running defense. Totally dominated through out*Speed this team is very fast*Ethan Rhodes showed he can shake off early mistakes and finish strong.Weaknesses*The secondary got burned a few plays* Depth only 22 players*Secondary needs to eliminate big plays Watauga burned Maiden twice during 2 huge bombs during uhr the offense vs defense series


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