June 20, 2024

Tonya Tolson of Mountain Island Charter School

I’ll use the lead in that I saw on a share of the video:

“This is long but worth the watch! I am beyond thankful that my son has ended up at Mountain Island Charter and has the amazing Mrs. Tonya Tolson accessible to him, to push him and stay on him, to make sure he continues his ACADEMIC excellence so he can pursue those Athletic dreams that he has!!! Every school needs to have a Mrs. Tolson!!!!?

This was a very interesting discussion, which really was a discussion for part of it as we didn’t know the camera was rolling.

I am glad to have Tonya on staff here to assist us in our writing. Hopefully she’ll add to our content as well.

Tonya Tolson Interview


2 thoughts on “Tonya Tolson of Mountain Island Charter School

  1. Incredible interview!  I love the fact that Tonya demands a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.  That’s an educator who cares for all kids.

    I am glad Tonya has joined our staff.  Specifically, I’m glad she will edit our news articles so we can better communicate to our audience.

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