July 12, 2024

Statesville 3rd Quarter Scoring Flood Gates Leads to Blowout Win over the Hickory Red Tornadoes

Tonight at Frank Barger Stadium there was no mascot, band or cheerleaders for the Statesville Greyhounds but the grey sky and the blue the Statesville fans wore was enough to have that feeling it would be the Greyhounds of Statesville’s night. As Statesville traveled to Hickory High to meet the Red Tornadoes. In what has become a traditional week 1 game between these two teams. 
As the 1st quarter started, it would look like it would go Hickory’s night as Hounds would get called for a pass interference penalty. This would help Hickory QB Jack Tomlinson for a 13-yard pass and a 1 yard QB keeper to finish the drive on a short touchdown run. To give the Red Tornadoes a 6 to 0 lead (2 point conversation failed) with 9:42 left in the first quarter. Statesville would answer right back as Chavion Smith would break on a 62-yard touchdown run (2 point conversion failed). We are tied at 6 with 9:21 left in the first quarter.
Throughout the first quarter and most of the 2nd quarter, both teams would suffer from either Interception, muffed punts, or just plain turnover on downs but both teams could not find the end zone and we remained tied at 6 til late in the 2nd quarter. An Interception by Statesville’s Quinton Prince at the 3:24 mark and some hustle that lead to a Statesville player getting ejected breath the fire for the hounds to blow this game in their favor. A minute later the Greyhounds found the endzone on a 10-yard touchdown run by Caylon Imes( Jaisiah Gathings with the 2 point conversion) Statesville leads 14 to 6 with 2:23 left until halftime. It looked liked the Greyhounds would extend their lead after an interception by Amonte White at the 1:04 mark would lead to more points. But after a Nebayne Moore bomb to his receiver would not lead to any points as time expired to end the scoring as Statesville lead 14 to 6.
The 3rd quarter would be all Statesville and the flood gates would open. It would open with a 38-yard pass from Moore to Imes and would be finished off by a short run. (2 point conversion no good) Statesville leads 20 to 6 with 9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. The Greyhounds would get the ball right back 19 seconds later as Joshua Agnew would recover a fumble and Statesville would take advantage. Nebayne Moore would hit Jaisiah Gathings on a 42-yard pass play. Moore would take it in a few plays later on a short QB keeper(2 point conversion by Braxton Peters) Statesville leads 28 to 6 with 7:55 left in the 3rd quarter. Statesville would find the endzone again this time by a 29-yard touchdown run by Chavion Smith (2 point conversion no good) Statesville leads 34 to 6 with 3:44 left in the 3rd quarter. Statesville would find the endzone again one last time in the game as Quinton Blackmon would pick off Jack Tomlinson and he would find the endzone on a 10-yard touchdown run. Statesville leads 40 to 6. Hickory’s only bright spot came in late in the 3rd as Hewitt would recover a fumble. The only 4th quarter score came courtesy of a Hickory’s Cody Young 31 yard touchdown run (2 point conversion no good) at the 10:31 mark. To make the final Statesville 40 Hickory 12.

With the win, Statesville improves to 1-0 and travels to Lake Norman Friday to meet their county rival (1-0) Lake Norman Wildcats (who defeated Cox Mill Friday). With the lose Hickory falls to (0-1) host the (0-1) Hibriten Panthers Friday (who fail to Alexander Central Friday).


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