June 20, 2024

Sit down with East Mecklenburg Athletic Director Jason Fowler

There is more to High School than Football…. @emeaglesports AD @CoachFowler72

As I was thinking about my lead into this video, I was thinking… High School is more than Football. Then, as I was setting some parameters for this article I noticed that we don’t have an OVERALL forum. So this posted forum wise to your General Discussion.

It drives home the point for me, we focus so much on Football. But one of the goals of Carolina Varsity this season is to make certain we touch more parts of the High School experience. That we give you an opportunity to learn more. Our Football coach interviews touch on more than, what you going to do this year … blah blah blah.

We gave you a great look at the academic through our interview with Tonya Tolson. Now, here come some Athletic Director interviews – more are coming -.


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