June 20, 2024

Re-Cap of Saturday August 10 Scrimmage held at South Iredell High School by @vik-val-86

Scrimmages held at South Iredell High School

With the scrimmage played, South Iredell’s JV Team looked good; with size and speed. The QB looks to have potentials along with a Running Back.  I thought they competed well with Mooresville.

 As for the Varsity, South played ok. I think when they get their Quarterback situation worked out, they will be ok. South does have a 3rd year starter at running back; a 3-year starter at wider receiver and cornerback. They also have another good size wide receiver. The line is good size.

The Mooresville passing game looked; while they also had some good run-plays.  However, the South Iredell defense was able to make several big stops behind the line of scrimmage. 

The Statesville JV played well against NW Cabarrus. If I recall correctly, the score was 2-1 for Statesville. However, overall they were fairly even with each other.

Watching the Varsity play, NW Cabarrus looked good. Statesville did play well with them, but it shows that they have some work to do. Statesville did score first, however, NWC would score 3 times later. 

The scrimmages was cancelled early due to lighting. There was even a tornado warning on my phone that was in the near area; But I never saw it. 

Its early; and these were scrimmages. The teams will improve as the season goes. 

Now how do I feel how the NPC will turn out?

After talking with people and observing the scrimmages; I still feel as though Statesville has the best chance to win the conference. I have heard that West Rowan will return with some good quality players. So, don’t be surprised the talk will be Statesville, West Rowan, South Iredell battling out for the top 3 spots.

Here are my predictions – which could be wrong –


West Rowan/ South Iredell battling for 2 and 3 spot

East Rowan… Heard they have some quality players coming back. 

Carson… Heard they held their on with Piedmont and Concord scrimmage. North Iredell.

If you attended these scrimmages, come give us your thoughts.

Edited by @DaleRoss


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