April 18, 2024

By Anthony Perkins

Hello football fans and welcome to the third round of the playoffs.  Last week in the second round of the 1A and 1AA pairings I picked 7 out of 8 winners.  Five of the winners covered the spread and only three were within 10 ten points. 

In the second round of the 2A & 2AA I only picked 5 out of 8 winners and only four winners covered the spread.

Over in the 3A & 3AA brackets for round two, I picked 6 out of 8 winners and all six covered the spread and one game was within seven points.

Last week’s totals were 18 correct picks out of 24 games for the 1A thru 3AA classifications. The results of the 1A thru 3AA classifications for the first round were 33 correct picks out of 40 games.  Totals for both rounds of the playoffs are 51 correct picks out of 64 games.

Here are the pairings and my picks for this week’s games in the third round of the 2A and 2AA west brackets.


#4 West Stokes (10-3) @ #1 Mountain Heritage (11-1): Mountain Heritage by 13

#3 Brevard (11-2) @ #2 Reidsville (12-1): Reidsville by 20


#12 West Lincoln (10-3) @ #1 Shelby (11-1): Shelby by 28

#6 Burns (11-2) @ #2 North Lincoln (12-1): Burns by 1


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