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[Sticky] Status update of New Site Configuration  


Dale Ross
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01/08/2019 12:36 pm  

I have some theme work left to complete which includes placement of login etc. Hopefully this is resolved today.

I will add other social login, maybe Twitter next and possible Google.

2FA - Two Factor Authentication - is working

As you can see, the forums are working

Hopefully email is working correctly

There is security on the site, with CAPTCHA version 3 which is used to distinguish between human and machine. This will cut down on spammers. Before Implementing I had nearly 100 registrations from spammers and possibly hackers/

There is a security system on the site which includes a firewall designed to cut down on malicious traffic. This can sometimes create issues for new registrations. Any issues, send an email to



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Dale Ross
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01/08/2019 5:29 pm  

OK then... I just added to the forums the following modules... 

Embeds... Randy asked how to embed images, well the module has been added I'll figure it out and add it to the tips.

Cross posting...

This is something I've wanted for ages. This will take every "news" post that we create, and place it here in the forums. Any replies that occur here will be posted back to the article. Giving two way conversation on news articles from both here and there. I think it's neat. 🙂

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