May 25, 2024

Denotes () last week’s ranking

  1. Watauga (6)- the pioneers find theirselves on top of the poll for the first time this season. They do need to improve their defense if they are to stay that way.
  2. East Lincoln (6)- the mustangs have caught analyst Allen Drums eye preseason. With North Lincoln and Maidens upsets and Bandys struggles they could be South fork favorites
  3. Alexander Central (1) barley beating Wilkes Central did not go over well with pollers beating a very good Statesville team will have them back at the top.
  4. Freedom (3) – Beat Draughn lost to a great Shelby team Freedom will be a top 3 team in conference play
  5. Hibriten (5)- beat a down Hickory team will find out how much this team has improved next Friday vs South Caldwell
  6. South Caldwell (9)- upsetting Maiden has them climbing win the next 2 could have South Caldwell in the conference race
  7. T7 Maiden (2)-disapointing lose to south Caldwell how bad of a lose was it time will tell but shouldn’t lose anymore non conference games
  8. T7 North Lincoln(7)- not been impressed with them so far needs to turn it around before conference time
  9. Newton-Conover(10)- could be more of a midpack team than bottom feeder
  10. Bandys (7)- have struggled with down teams could suffer first lose this week by 2 or more scores to a improved South Caldwell team
  11. West Lincoln(11)- still a mystery not played anyone yet
  12. Lincolnton (13)- shown improvement should get the win this week
  13. St. Stephens(12) – struggled to beat Bunker Hill will struggle conference time
  14. Bunker Hill (16) – shown improvement patience bears will get wins conference time
  15. McDowell (18)- shown some fight beating East Burke could possibly not finish last confrence
  16. Fred T. Foard(17)- was impressed how they played Bandys will get a win this week
  17. Hickory (14)-struggling will they actually not win a game???
  18. East Burke (15)- not improved but least Patton Draughn and west Caldwell in the conference
  19. Patton (19)- struggling but scoring points
  20. T20 Draughn-(20)- struggling and young
  21. T20 West Caldwell-same spot as Draughn


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