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Your opinions on to...

Your opinions on top active coaches in North Carolina  


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Who are some of the top coaches in your area please give your options. (Games won state championships etc)

My area would be

1. Nick Bazzle- has won 1 state championship 2 regional titles and turned North Lincoln from a 2-9 team to a 3rd round playoff team in one season

2. Mike Bickerstaff- He's back so he's active. Has a 134-62 record. Has had success at West Caldwell and East Burke

3. Butch Carter- 134-89 has won multiple conference championships and has made South Caldwell and Alexander Central conference contenders every season. Needs to have more postseason success to become a all-time great

4. Tom Eanes -has turned struggling programs around everywhere he went including turning bandys into a 3rd round team last season

 5. Ryan Habich- 106-34 record has won multiple conference titles with Watauga

6.Russell  Stone-multiple conference and regional titles. Definitely a case for a top tier coach in the state but has yet to make a major impact in the Catawba Valley area like Eanes and Bazzle did in year 1 the reason I got him this low

HM Joe Glass- turned Patton around and multiple teams he's been to he's had success in the first 2 years the only reason he misses the cut not coached the wolves yet

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What metrics do we use to define "top coaches" most people want to use win and loss. However, wins and losses are not just a factor of the coach himself. I've talked to many top coaches; and every single one of them has said that they could not be successful - wins and losses - without support of the school administration.

Using Wins and Losses is such a shallow view into what makes a top coach. It is exactly like going up to Lake Fontana; going out to the middle of the lake and looking down into the water to see. Lake Fontana is a beautiful rather clear lake. However, it is almost 17-miles long, 450-feet deep. In the end, you aren't seeing much. The exact same thing is true when talking about top-coaches. 

I always cringed inside when a former colleague at CarolinaVarsity wanted to put out top coaches, etc.

Anyone doing this needs to let it be known, what the metrics are that they used to come to their conclusion; try to make it more objective than subjective; because in the end, this is a very subjective topic.

To list coaches, you also need to know them and understand their body of work. You need to know the environment they are working in; and finally, what they are working with.

There are too many to name top coaches in North Carolina.

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