September 21, 2021


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Northwestern 3A/4A Early Bird Predictions

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Again these are based on information I have gathered and drawing conclusions, but I'm most confident in these predictions out of all of them.

  1. Alexander Central- The cougars will be loaded and play good non conference games with South Iredell, Hibriten and Statesville to test how strong they are early and become a contender in a loaded 3A class.
  2. Freedom- Birtchfield is back and the Patriots should be in contention for a automatic playoff berth
  3. Watauga- Lost a quite bit of talent to be a conference threat, but should have enough talent from a good JV team to get 3rd and a wildcard.
  4. South Caldwell- Will surprise a few people with not being young and core of JV talent up. Could come close of hosting a playoff game with a few upsets.
  5. St. Stephens- This conference is too strong for the Indians to do much damage in a top heavy conference.
  6. Hickory- not a popular analyst pick but with the loss of seniors and a brutal schedule the Red Tornadoes will struggle.
  7. McDowell- should improve with the hire of of a new coach, but the talent is not there for the Titans to contend this year and with South Caldwell improving, this team will not be a playoff team

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I can see the top 3 with A.C., Freedom, and Watauga. Too early for me to say who will actually win out with this conference, but I think any of the top 3 has a chance.

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