September 21, 2021


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South Fork 2A Early Bird Predictions

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These are based on information I have gathered and drawing conclusions

  1. North Lincoln- Huge favorites in this conference I'm 100 % the Knights win the South Fork but the question is, have they improved enough to be state contenders?
  2. East Lincoln- This is where logical guessing comes in. Most analyst do not have the Mustangs this high. A young team last season, knocking the #1 seed as a 16 seed and many close loses has me concluding they'll be much improved.
  3. Maiden- Usually I would not rank Maiden this low but after the QB from 2018 decided to switch positions which made me change their ranking. The graduation of KK McDaniel and Stinson hurts the Blue Devils as well. Ethan Rhodes will have to develop fast in order this team fo challenge North Lincoln in the conference race.
  4. Bandys- This Trojans team will be young but talented. Many seniors have graduated so the Trojans will be a year away from contending in season play and from contending for a conference title.
  5. Lincolnton- The wolves will be much improved this year. Given some time Coach Glass will have this team back to an upper pack team by 2020.
  6. Newton-Conover- Too many questions to be a contender this year. This team will be close to the bubble again come playoff time.
  7. West Lincoln-The Rebels do have Ikard back but the Rebels have a new coach and they will struggle due to many seniors graduating.
  8. Lake Norman Charter- The Knights will be improved under old boss but they will continue to struggle in the South Fork

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I do think North Lincoln is favored to win the conference. The rest is just wait and see for me.

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