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Perk’s Picks for the 2A & 2AA NCHS Football Playoffs  


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Perk’s Picks
for the 2A & 2AA NCHS Football Playoffs-Round Two

By Anthony

Hello football
fans and welcome to the second round of the playoffs.  Last week in the first round of the 2A and 2AA
pairings we had a full slate of 16 games in both the East and West brackets but
I’ll leave the East to some of my cohorts that know those teams better that I
do.  You’ll want to check out the
articles of Jim West in particular.  In
the 2A and 2AA brackets I picked 15 out of 16 winners with 11 of the 15 winners
covering the spread and six of the winners were within seven points.

In the abbreviated
schedule of the 1A & 1AA brackets (because of the top four seeds having BYES)
I picked 7 out of 8 winners. Six of the winners covered the spread but only
three were within 10 ten points

Over in the 3A
& 3AA brackets I picked 11 out of 16 winners but only four covered the
spread and no games were within seven points.

That’s a total of
33 correct picks out of 40 games for the 1A thru 3AA classifications.

Here are the
pairings and my picks for this week’s games in the 2A and 2AA brackets.


#9 Owen (7-4) @ #1
Mountain Heritage (10-1): Mountain Heritage by 20

#5 Eastern
Randolph (10-2) @ #4 West Stokes (9-3): Eastern Randolph by 3

#6 Chase (10-2) @
#3 Brevard (10-2): Chase by 3

#7 Newton-Conover
(8-4) @ #2 Reidsville (11-1): Reidsville by 24


#8 Maiden (9-3) @
#1 Shelby (10-1): Shelby by 24

#13 South Point
(6-6) @ #12 West Lincoln (9-3): South Point by 3

#6 Burns (10-2) @
#3 Hibriten (11-1): Burns by 3

#7 Pisgah (9-2) @
#2 North Lincoln (11-1): North Lincoln by 21

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