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Forestview & Freedom @ Newton-Conover Scrimmage Results  


Jeff Miller
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11/08/2019 8:44 pm  

Forestview and Freedom each scored a touchdown against each other in the 10 minute half-field scrimmage. The Patriots would outscore the Jaguars one touchdown to nothing in the full-field 12 minute situational section.

Forestview and Newton-Conover tied at one touchdown a piece. The Jaguars scored in the 10 minute half-field segment. Newton-Conover scored in the 12 minute situational segment. The Jaguars were driving but the scrimmage was halted due to a threat of lightning in the area.

Freedom outscored Newton-Conover two touchdowns to one in the 10 minute half-field segment. They would end up not meeting in for the final 12 minute full-field situational segment since the scrimmage was cut short due to weather.

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