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Welcome to the 2017 NC High School Football Report!

Latest Report: 2017 Week 8 Report


The weekly CV Report offers the most comprehensive, in-depth look at North Carolina High School Football that can be found anywhere on the planet. The CV Report offers predictions for all NCHSAA games played each week in all classifications, recaps of past predictions and games already played, breakdowns of every conference race, detailed analysis of the predicted playoff fields, predictions for each round of the playoffs and predicted state champions. Additionally, the CV Report gives a comprehensive detailed look at every NCHSAA school's season, and beginning mid-year, detailed power rankings for everything from the state's best offenses to the state's toughest conferences. The CV Report is your one-stop shopping experience for all things related to North Carolina High School Football!

Each week a new CV Report will be released which will include the following:

  • Week-by-Week Conference Predictions and Recaps
  • Projected Final Regular Season Conference Standings
  • Projected Playoff Fields by Classification
  • Projected Big / Small Cut Lines by Classification
  • Projected Regional Groups by Classification
  • Projected Seeded Regional Groups by Classification
  • Projected Playoff Brackets by Classification
  • Round-by-Round Playoff Predictions
  • Projected State Champions by Classification
  • Projected Final Team Reports
  • Numerous Custom Power Rankings Beginning Mid-season

As data is collected throughout the season, the CV Report predictions will become more accurate. Historically, by mid-season, the accuracy of the predictions typically are in the 80-85% range. By the end of the regular season, there will be weeks approaching 90% prediction accuracy!


For true football junkies, join us in the forums every week for even more in-depth analysis of the North Carolina High School Football scene. For 2017, the NCHSAA decided to base their entire playoff system on MaxPreps rankings...follow the forums to track the accuracy of MaxPreps predictions each week compared to other well-known standards and for some detailed breakdowns of unusual results generated by the new system that will warrant discussion. We also take suggestions, and many ideas from the public have been implemented already. See you there! Forums


A PDF version of the Report can be found here.