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Welcome to the Weekly/Season Report!

Latest Report: 2016 Week 17 Report


This North Carolina High School Football Report will offer predictions for all games, all classifications. Each week we'll release a recap of scores from the previous week; we'll have predictions for the upcoming week; we'll also have predictions for every remaining game of the season; and we’ll predict the playoffs all the way to the championships. It will take a few weeks for us to collect enough data on the season. After a couple of weeks, we will also include a power ranking!
This will be a computer to talking to you, giving you all the information. The accuracy of this computer is very impressive. No it has never put on shoulder pads and a helmet. No it has never coached a down of football. But it can crunch numbers better than a 250lb linebacker that can run a 4.4 40 could crunch a 150’lb scrawny, slow running back.

Each week we release a new report covering all classifications. The report will include:

  • Week-by-Week Conference Predictions and Recaps
  • Projected Final Regular Season Conference Standings
  • Projected Playoff Fields by Classification
  • Projected Big / Small Cut Lines by Classification
  • Projected Seeded Regional Groups by Classification
  • Projected Playoff Brackets by Classification
  • Round-by-Round Playoff Predictions
  • Projected State Champions by Classification
  • Projected Final Team Reports
  • Top 30 Overall State Power Rankings
  • Top 20 Power Rankings by Classification
  • Top 20 Scoring Offenses by Classification
  • Top 20 Scoring Defenses by Classification
  • Top 20 Scoring Differentials by Classification
  • Top 20 Best Offenses by Classification
  • Top 20 Best Defenses by Classification
  • Top 20 Best Conferences
  • Top 20 Best Schedules by Classification


As we collect data throughout the season you will see the prediction become more accurate; by week-5 we expect the accuracy of the predictions to be in the 80-85% range, and some weeks from there on out will approach 90%. The key to accuracy is for us to have accurate reported scores. So we welcome your submitting of scores. Please feel free to contact us about that! I expect that by mid-season this report will be zeroing in on your state champions!


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A PDF version of the Report can be found here.