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The Huskies went into tonights game with one thing on their mind and that was to walk away with win #9 this season.  The game started off slow fo... Full Story
As a 3rd year school everyone expected Hough to join Hopewell & North in a 3 way rivalry since our student body is mostly made up of kids tha... Full Story
 The student section came out in their super hero costumes from batman to superwoman however my favorite were theSUPER HUSKIES!  The Huskies... Full Story
 In the 3rd meeting of Hough & Hopewell the Huskies needed this win for more than just win/loss ramifications they needed it to shake the fir... Full Story
 It was a beautiful night for football.  In support of The Heart Association the crowd was a sea of red, Hough Ladies Soccer were accepting ... Full Story

Hough beats Phillip O. Berry 41-12

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Out the gate last night it looked to be the making of a blow out game for Hough.  In the first half Hough had accumulated over 250 yards of offen... Full Story

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