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1.  Mallard Creek vs. Ardy Kell- Ok the competition gets a littel tougher for the Mavericks this week.  Last time they saw a running back th... Full Story
1.  Mallard Creek- Showed a dominant preformance with a 56 to nothing win over Olympic. Most people thought it would go this way, early rounds us... Full Story
The Final Rankings for I Meck
Strictly by the records I don't think this will cause much controversy. 1. MC 2. Vance 3. Mooresville 4. Hopewell 5.  West Charlotte 6.... Full Story
The Final Regular season I Meck Picks
We have reached the end.  This will be the last game for some, a sidenote for others, and playoff hopes for a few. 1. Hopewell @ ... Full Story
1.  Mallard Creek- locked up the conference this last week.  Though they might have had a few weakness exposed.  It shouldn't hurt them... Full Story
Here we go. 1. MC- put up a impressive win against what many said would be a quality opponent.  Don't go backtracking on it now.  2. Vance... Full Story
Here are the picks for week 10: 1.  MC vs HW- Mallard Creek has been on top all season, and I feel they will stay there.  HW has a sol... Full Story
I Meck Rankings week 10

Mallard Creek remains #1

Full Story
I Meck Picks week 9

 Who wins?

Full Story
Official (and I mean mine) I Meck rankings week 9
Here are the official rankings for week 9. 1. Mallard Creek- a convincing win over Vance last week has started to shut down the doubters.  Undef... Full Story
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