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Allen JD's Catawba Valley Basketball Playoff Projections; Who's, in who's out

Northwestern 3A-4A
*#1 Freedom-In Clinched #1 seed

*#2 Hickory In #2 seed if not following occurs (3-8 wins the tournament drops to at large)

*4A Auto McDowell-seeded as an at large unless win the tournament or South Caldwell wins tournament then bubble

*Bubble Alexander Central-ranked in 40s should sneak in

*Rest must win Tournament

*#1 Freedom-In Clinched #1 seed

*#2 Hickory /Watauga-Tied for #2 Automatic berth should make it as an at large if upset in conference tournament or McDowell wins the tournament

*#2 McDowell-tied for #2 Automatic berth to be seeded as a 2/will be automatic *
unless South Caldwell wins tournament

*Bubble South Caldwell- ranked in 60s out must win the tournament

*Rest must win Tournament

Northwest Foothills 2A

*#1 Draughn-in Clinched #1 seed

*#2 Bunker Hill -in Clinches #2 if following doesn't occur (drops to at large if 3-7 win the tournament)

*Hibriten-ranked 20s in rankings in automatic if win if tournament safely in

*Bubble Patton-In the 40s in rankings safely in automatic if win tournament

*Rest must win Tournament


*#1 East Burke-Clinched #1 seed

*#2 Patton/Bunker Hill-tied for #2 Automatic berth The other should be safely in as at large(unless 4-7 wins the tournament)

*Bubble Fred T. Foard -last few in out of lose to West Iredell automatic if win tournament

*Rest must win Tournament

South Fork 2A

*#1 East Lincoln-in clinched #1 seed

*#2 Maiden- In automatic #2 seed unless 3-8 wins the tournament If so at large

*Safley in Newton Conover/Lake Norman Charter- automatic if win tournament if not at large

*Bubble Bandys Lincolnton and North Lincoln- last few in must win 1st round games to get off bubble automatic if win tournament

*West Lincoln must win Tournament

#1 Newton-Conover-in clinched

*Bubble/#2 Bandys/Lincolnton- tied for #2 Automatic berth The other on the bubble Bandys should get in ranked in 50s as an at large Lincolnton would not ranked 68 atm

*Bubble North Lincoln-first few out ranked 67th

*Rest must win Tournament
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