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Allen JD' s Final Catawba Valley Area Power Rankings Pick em Resuilts and Playoff Projections of Who's in and Who's Out

() Denotes Last Week's Ranking

1. Hibriten 

2. Watauga 

3. Freedom

4. Alexander Central 

5. Bandys  (6l

6. Maiden  (7 )

7. Fred T Foard  (8)

8. Patton (9)

9. St Stephens (12)

10. Hickory  (5)

11. Newton Conover  (10)

12. South Caldwell  (11)

13. Bunker Hill

14. Draughn  (15)

15. East Burke (14)

16. West Caldwell 

Pick Em Record: Last Week 10-2 Overall 120-29

No Games Friday 

Playoff Projections Who's In Who's Out

South Fork 2A

1. Bandys -Automatic #1 Seed

2 North Lincoln-Automatic #2 Seed

Wildcards No Danger Of Being Out

3. West Lincoln 

4. Maiden

Bubble Teams

5. East Lincoln-In

6. Newton -Conover-Out


7. Lincolnton 

8. Lake Norman Charter 

Northwest Foothills 2A 

1.Hibriten -Automatic #1 Seed 

2. Fred T Foard-Automatic #2 Seed

Wildcards No Danger Of Being Out

3. Patton 


4. West Iredell-Out


5. Bunker Hill

6. Draughn 

7. East Burke 

Northwestern 3A 4A 

1. Watauga-Automatic 3A #1 Seed 

2. Freedom-Automatic 3A #2 Seed 

Wildcards No Danger Of Being Out 

3. Alexander Central 

Bubble Teams 

4. St Stephens-Out 

4. Hickory-Out  (Due to lose to St. Stephens hickory is in a tie with St. Stephens for 4th due to head lose to St. Stephens Hickory must have St.Stephens to make the playoffs I have St Stephens Out)

6. McDowell -Automatic 4A Wildcard-( beat South Caldwell head to head to win the tie)


6. South Caldwell  (Lost head to  matchup to McDowell to lose the tie)

8. West Caldwell 



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