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Maiden's KK McDaniel 2nd Straight Year Clutch TD and Blue Devils Blocked Field Goal Ruins Senior Night for Arch Rival Red Devils in a Thriller

If you thought 2017 was wild in the battle of the Devils then the 2018 sequel must been a smash hit. Because the final 3:31 of the game proved to been dramatic. This game was moved one day sooner due to the rains from the remnants of Paciffic Hurricane Wilia. As the Red Devils of Newton-Conover looking for a important win to keep playoff hopes alive (Currently ranked 60th in the adjusted maxpreps rankings. Maiden looked to improve its ranking as they are most likely in. (Currently ranked 35th in the adjusted maxpreps rankings) It was also Senior Night at Dick Gurley Stadium. 


As the game got started Maiden would drive around mid field and would be forced to punt later in the drive. That's when the Red Devils would go on a long drive mostly using Allen Wilfong's legs. He would finish the drive on a 1/2 yard touchdown run. ( PAT Good ) Red Devils lead 7 to 0 with 3:12 left in the 1st quarter. Maiden would answer using KK McDaniel  (who was filling in at QB for the 1st time since his freshman year) and DJ Murph's legs. Murph would finish the drive on a 4 yard touchdown run. (PAT GOOD). We are tied at 7 with  1:37 left in the 1st quarter. We would stay that way with Newton Conover facing a 3rd and long.


As the 2nd quarter got started. Newton-Conover would be forced to punt. On Maiden would then face a 3rd down at their own 21. That's when KK McDaniel would find a wide open Dylan Abernathy on 79 yard touchdown pass. (PAT Good). Maiden now leads 14 to 7 with 7:20 left in the 2nd quarter. Newton-Conover would then go on a long drive advancing into Blue Devil territory. But unfortunately for the Red Devils Brennan James would pick off Justice Craig and a personal foul on Newton Conover would give Maiden nice field position with 3:23 left in the 2nd quarter. Next KK McDaniel would then run a 53 yard touchdown run on a QB keeper. (PAT Good) Maiden now leads 21 to 7 with 3:09 left in the 2nd quarter. Newton-Conover would then go on a nice drive but dejavu would happen as Brennan James would pick off Justice Craig under 1 minute left leaving the score at 21 to 7 at halftime.


As the 3rd quarter started Newton-Conover would go on a nice drive. Allen Wilfong would finish the drive on a 8 yard touchdown run. (PAT GOOD) Maiden leads 21 to 14 with 9:47 left in the 3rd quarter. Maiden would answer later on in the 3rd as they drove into red devil territory. They would get it inside the 10 but a holding penalty would bring it back. Not to worry though as KK McDaniel hit his WR on a 13 yard pass play. (PAT Good ) Maiden now leads 28 to 14. That's when the scoring gates would start to open. As Newton Conover Conover would begin their comeback. As they put together a nice drive and it would be finished by Kyjuan McClain on a screen pass touchdown over a juked DJ Murph. (PAT blocked) Maiden leads 28 to 20 with under one minute in 3rd quarter.  It would stay that way as we entered into what was to be an exciting 4th quarter.


Maiden would be forced to punt in thier next series. But Newton-Conover would make it even closer on thier next drive. As Senior Kyjuan McClain made a nice catch to the Blue Devil 41. Allen Wilfong would finish the drive on 2 yard touchdown run.(His 2 poiner failed. Maiden now only leads 28 to 26 with 9 minutes remaining. Less than a minute later KK McDaniel would fumble the ball at the 32 and Newton-Conover has it. But DJ Murph would make up for his mistake as he picked of Justice Craig and return it to Red Devils 41 with 7:03 left in the Game. Maiden would go a long drive and finish the drive on a 2 yard touchdown run. ( 2 pointer GOOD ) Maiden leads 36 to 26 with 3:31 left in the game. Ballgame? WRONG. The double digit lead would evaporate a slipt second later. As Brandon Johnson would take the kickoff 60 yards to the house. (PAT GOOD ) Maiden leads 36 to 33 with 3:22 left in the game. The Red Devils would then recover the onside kick. Allen Wilfong would punch it in on a 7 yard touchdown run.( PAT GOOD) Red Devils take the lead 40 to 36 2:12 left in the the game. Ballgame? WRONG. As Maiden would drive the ball deep into Red Devils territory. And with 39.8 seconds left KK McDaniel  (who in last year's game caught the game winner with seconds left) would throw a 22 yard screen to Dylan Abernathy. But wait flag it's coming back? No refs wave it off. Touchdown Blue Devils (PAT Good) Maiden now leads 43 to 40. Newton-Conover would then drive the ball to the Blue Devils 25 yard line. As Newton Conover would attempt to send it into ot with 14 seconds left. But Addison Hayes kick is blocked with 9 seconds left. KK McDaniel would then take a knee Blue Devils win thier 4th straight over the Red Devils 43 to 40 in an amazing game and ruining Senior Night for thier arch rivals .


With the win Maiden improves to 7-3 overall 3-3 in the South Fork 2A host Lincolnton for thier Senior Night next Friday  (who lost to North Lincoln Thursday) With the lose Newton Conover falls to 4-6 overall and 2-4 inthe South Fork 2A and will travel to fellow bubble team East Lincoln next Friday.  (who is scheduled to play at West Lincoln Friday and is ranked 67th in the max preps adjusted rankings)


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