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Allen JD's Week #7 Power Rankings & Week #7 Picks

Power Rankings 

() denotes last weeks ranking if different than this week

1. Hibriten 

2. Alexander Central 

3. Watauga 

4. Freedom  (5)

5. Hickory  (6)

6. Bandys  (7)

7. Maiden  (4)

8. Fred T. Foard  (9)

9. Newton-Conover  (11)

10. Patton (8)

11. St Stephens  (10)

12. South Caldwell 

13. East Burke 

14. Draughn

15. Bunker Hill

16. West Caldwell 

Picks Last week 8-3 Overall 64-21

Bandys at Newton-Conover- B by 28

East Lincoln at Lincolnon EL by 21

West Lincoln at Maiden-M by 7

Draughn at Patton-P by 14

East Burke at West Iredell- WI by 14

Fred T Foard at Bunker Hill - F by 35

Alexander Central at Watauga-A.C. by 14

Hickory at Freedom - F by 21

St Stephens at McDowell- SS by 21

South Caldwell at West Caldwell- SC by 28

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