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Pre-Conference Records For the Big South, South Fork and Southern Piedmont

Pre-Conference Records For The Big South, South Fork and Southern Piedmont

Big South
Ashbrook                           3-1 (1-0)
Hunter Huss                      4-0
Crest                                  3-1
Kings Mountain                  3-1
Stuart Cramer                    3-1
Burns                                  2-2
North Gaston                      2-2
Forestview                          1-3 (0-1)
This Week’s Games
Forestview @ Crest
North Gaston @ Hunter Huss
Burns @ Ashbrook
Stuart Cramer @ Kings Mountain
South Fork
Maiden                               4-0
West Lincoln                      4-0
Bandys                               3-1
East Lincoln                        2-2
Newton-Conover                 2-2
North Lincoln                       2-2
Lake Norman Charter         2-2
Lincolnton                           1-3
This Week’s Games
Maiden @ Bandys
West Lincoln @ North Lincoln
Newton-Conover @ Lincolnton
East Lincoln @ Lake Norman Charter
Southern Piedmont
Thomas Jefferson                             4-0
Highland Tech                                   3-0
Mountain Island Charter                    3-1
Cherryville                                          3-1
Pine Lake Prep                                  3-1
Community School of Davidson         2-2
Union Academy                                  2-2
Bessemer City                                    1-3
This Week’s Games
Cherryville @ Thomas Jefferson
Bessemer City @ Mountain Island Charter
Community School of Davidson @ Highland Tech
Union Academy @ Pine Lake Prep


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