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CV Summer Visit: Ardrey Kell Knights

Recently we went down to Ballantyne to visit with the Ardrey Kell Knights, a playoff team from last season led by 2nd year Head Coach Kyle Brey, the son of Norte Dame Basketball Coach Mike Brey. 

Coach Brey shared with us that his first year as a high school head coach was a whirlwind, but that he really appreciated the seniors that he had and wished he had more time with them. He has settled into the area, buying a house and welcoming a new child during the playoffs last year!

We also spoke with three players who have definite Division 1 abilities:

OL Luca Dellosa, who comes across as a gentle giant, but has a mean streak when the lights come on

WR Cedric Gray, who has already received several D1 looks and offers in the class of 2020

And DB Gabe Jeudy, a well spoken and refined young man who gets it done both on the field and off of it in the classroom

Please enjoy these interviews, as Carolina Varsity continues to get you ready for the 2018 season!


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