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By: Anthony Perkins


Kings Mountain – After running through the Big South Conference, Kings Mountain had thoughts that this might be their year to make it to a state championship but the visiting Bulldogs of JM Robinson ended those dreams on Friday night in an exciting third round contest by defeating the Mountaineers in a 47-46 overtime decision.


This was a game that saw both teams run up and down the field during regulation to combine for over 900 yards of offense and 80 points.  The lead along with the momentum swapped hands several times but by the time the clock had ticked down to all zeroes the 40-40 score was a clear indication of how evenly matched these two teams were and that nothing had been decided.

The Bulldogs had the first possession in the overtime period and on the first snap a fake handoff by quarterback Chase Orrock completely fooled the Mountaineer defense and he sprinted around the right end untouched for a ten yard touchdown and a 47-40 over-time lead after Braden Tautkus tacked on the point after.

Kings Mountain answered the Bulldogs score on their first offensive play of the overtime when fullback Ricaylen Mack plowed through the Robinson defense and just refused to go down until crossing the goal line.  The Mounties decided to go for the win on the point after but Mack was denied by a host of Bulldog defenders on the two-point conversion attempt to secure the win for Robinson propelling them into the western finals next week.

The Bulldogs accumulated 187 yards rushing and 199 yards passing for a total of 386 yards, they also posted 14 first downs.  Running back Que Reid was the workhorse for Robinson with 145 yards on 11 carries.

The Kings Mountain offense tallied 552 total yards (254 rushing and 298 passing) and they moved the chains 25 times. 

Despite all of the offensive fireworks the biggest play of the game may have been a Bulldog defensive play just before the end of the third quarter.  At the time Kings Mountain was leading 28-19 and had the ball at their 24-yard line.  The Mountaineers were facing a third and ten when Robinson’s Jahari Young stepped in front of a Mountaineer receiver for a pick-6 and that was followed by a two-point conversion by Que Reid to pull the Bulldogs within a point of the Mountaineers at 28-27 and set up a frantic fourth quarter.

JM Robinson will play at Charlotte Catholic next week for the right to go to the state championship.





JMR: 17 yard pass from Chase Orrock to Que Reid. Braden Tautkus kick.  JMR:7  KM:0  (7:24)

KM: 25 yard pass from Kaylon Wade to Kobe Paysour.  Michael Randall kick.  KM:7  JMR:7  (2:57)



KM: 18 yard pass from Wade to Dontavius Hughes.  Randall kick.  KM:14  JMR:7  (5:37)

JMR: Que Reid 1 yard run.  Kick failed.  JMR:13  KM:14  (5:10)

KM: Ricaylen Mack 1 yard run. Randall kick.  KM:21  JMR:13  (:20)



JMR: 6 yard pass from Orrock to Bryson Furr.  Kick failed.  JMR:19  KM:21  (10:27)

KM: Mack 3 yard run.  Randall kick.  KM:28  JMR:19  (8:36)

JMR: Jahari Young 24 yard interception return.  2 point run by Q. Reid.  JMR: 27  KM:28  (:20)



KM: Christopher Brittain 64 yard run.  Kick failed.  KM:34  JMR:27  (11:47)

JMR: 11 yard pass from Orrock to Jason Furr.  Tautkus kick.  JMR:34  KM:34  (8:38)

JMR: 9 yard pass from Orrock to Joel Kacan.  Kick failed.  JMR:40  KM:34  (5:11)

KM:  30 yard pass from Wade to Hughes.  Kick failed.  KM: 40  JMR:40  (3:24)



JMR: Orrock 10 yard run.  Tautkus kick.  JMR:47  KM:40

KM: Mack 10 yard run.  Mack two-point run attempt failed.  KM:46  JMR:47

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