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Maiden Wins Double OT Thriller Overtime Thriller Ending a 21 Year Losing Streak to the Mustangs

Friday Night a ghost haunted the biggest little football town in the world and one final play would decide if the 21 year ghost that haunted Maiden would finally put to rest. As Maiden welcomed East Lincoln a team they haven't beat since 1996. This year there would be no Surratts Byus or Dollars but East Lincoln was on a a 5 game winning streak would give Maiden all it could. As the game started it looked like Maiden would pull away early as they matched over 6 minutes and 4 yd screen pass to Calab McDaniel would put Maiden up 8 to 0. After a 4th down stop HB Kentrell Williams would take a 33 yd screen pass from Keygan Mayfield to put Maiden up 15 to 0. After a Maiden stop East Lincoln would be forced to punt. Maiden let's it roll but wait a minute refs say Blue Devils touch it and reward the ball to the Mustangs. The next play Chandler Jones takes it in to make it 15 to 7 Maiden at the half. During halftime Maiden would dedicate the stadium to former and hall of fame coach Tom Brown who retired from coaching last year to take care of his wife. The stadium would be renamed Thomas E Brown Stadium. East Lincoln was hoping to spoil the dedication as they caught Maiden napping on 2nd down as Chase Jones found a wide open Christian Parks 2 pointer good we are tied at 15. On the next possession East Lincoln defense must of caught the sleepiness from Maiden bc Keygan Mayfield on 3rd down would find a wide open Montrell Stintson 70 plus yd td to put Maiden up 22 to 15. Later on in the 3rd quarter Maidens Lee Turner would pick off Chase Jones and return it 85 yds to put Maiden up 29 to 15 after 3 quarters but all the 4th quarter points would go to Chandler Jones. As he would run it in from 7 yds and a broken tackle 4 yd run to put the game tied at 29. Maiden would have a chance to go ahead but a bad snap on 4th down would put the game into overtime. The first overtime the Blue Devils had since 2014. During the 1st overtime Keygan Mayfield would find Maurtice Bennett to put Maiden up 36 to 29. But Chandler Jones would take it in on 4th down to send the game into double ot tied at 36. Mavin Phinx would get the pass from Chase Jones to put East Lincoln ahead 43 to 36. Maiden answers as Keygan Mayfield found Logan Henshchall to put Maiden within one 43 to 42. Coach Will Byrne of Maiden decides to go for 2. Keygan Mayfield takes it to the end zone. There is a fumble East Lincoln thinks they have it as the visitor side erupts and the Mustangs think they have it won. But hold on refs discuss the play. Finally the refs say Keygan Mayfield recovers 2 pointer good and Maiden escapes 44 to 43. With the win(thier first over East Lincoln since 1996) Maiden improves to 9-0 and will host 8-1 Newton-Conover were a share of the South Fork 2A is up for grabs. East Lincoln falls to 5-4 will host 3-6 West Lincoln.
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