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Daniel Camp's one on one with Thomas Jefferson's Jerry Cash

(Courtesy of Daniel Camp)

Early this summer Daniel Camp conducted an interview with Thomas Jefferson's head coach, Jerry Cash.  If you are a Thomas Jefferson football fan, you should not worry about 2017. While 7 seniors have graduated, many kids with limited roles are now ready to be starters.

Like most coaches in August, Coach Cash has some concerns. At times he wishes that his team has progressed faster during the off-season. However, he reminds himself that the bulk of a team that won 10 games in 2016 returns.

When asked on how a coach should build his program, Coach Cash provided the following points:

• Must have a strong administration that supports both athletics and academics.

• Must not be scared to change the culture. A school that is known as a soccer school can still have the potential to be known as a football school.

• Encouraging kids to take a chance and play. Good, hard working kids will provide depth to a squad which helps reduce the pain from losing an injured player.

• Having parents buy into and support the program.

• Having money to have proper facilities such as weight training.

• Building confidence within a program one win at a time.

Mr. Cash is a strong believer in weight training. When Coach Cash first arrived at Thomas Jefferson, the program had two barbells and a few weights. He then received donated equipment from the community and faith organizations. Some groups would sell equipment at a discounted price to the program.

Coach Cash understands how to live off a dime. When your football budget is only a small pittance, you learn how to do “more with less”. Some expenditures are pushed off to a later time. However, safety items cannot be ignored. Sometimes reconditioning the helmets can blow a team’s budget before the season started.

However, do not feel too sorry for Coach Cash. Thomas Jefferson has tasted success and it wants to continue its new tradition of winning.

One small step at a time.

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