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Summer Visit With Mountain Island Charter Raptors

On Tuesday 6/13/17, Dale Ross and Matt Morrow of Carolina Varsity visited with Coach Robert Washington and the Mountain Island Charter Raptors. Thunderstorms forced the Raptors indoors for the majority of the practice, however please enjoy these interviews with Coach Washington and several of their standout players. Also please enjoy a bit of the Raptors in action inside in the gymnasium.

Dale discusses the outloook for the Raptors this season, Coach Washington's definition of a football program, and the importance of the Weight Room. Matt captured the Raptors in action and spoke with six key players for the Raptors:

RB Elijah Burris
QB CJ Stephens
QB Kyle Holcomb
S Bryson Howell
OL/DL Mo Evans
WR Ryan Rudd

If you would like a similar visit done at YOUR school, please reach out to us on Twitter @CarolinaVarsity or @pepmancv, or you can email me at . 





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