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Two State Powers Showdown, Mavericks Remain Standing

Two powers in Charlotte and in the state of NC collided in a great competitive game that went back and forth. Mallard Creek won 35-30, and will advance to the next round. Standout performances for both teams were on display, and the highlights below are just a snapshot of two great programs going toe to toe in the playoffs once again. 

For Mallard Creek, Thad Moss was incredible on both offense and defense, James Smith shook off some early turnovers to make huge plays in the second half, Chancery Bowman had some big tough runs at critical points in the game, Harbison at WR and punter made key plays as well.

For Butler, Davis Cheek played a great game at QB, Clifton Duck was all over the field on both sides of the ball, Brandon Brown had a pick and an INT, and Christian Dixon's name had to be called at least 15 times.

It was a shame someone had to lose, and a shame this game happened in the second round of the playoffs. Mallard Creek will go on the road next week for another rematch, this time against Hough High School, up at Hough in a game not for the conference crown, but for the right to go to the state semifinals. 

Please check out our discussion regarding this game in our forums, and also for more game highlights: 




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