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My Thoughts on morning scrimmage at Olympic...

While the temperature were in the mid-80's, it was still hot. It felt like it was over 90. On the southwest-side of Charlotte four teams squared off for their first scrimmages of the year.

I will first comment on how much better the football field is at Olympic. In the off-season CMS has put some effort into some minor improvements. They actually have a decent playing surface now. We will have to wait and see how well it holds up to heavy rain.

First up in the scrimmages were Butler Vs Olympic and Concord Vs Berry. What did I learn from these match-ups?

Butler Vs Olympic... I thought that both teams were sloppy at times. They both seemed to be equally good at times and equally bad at others. Do you like how I put it? On everyone's mind is probably the Quarterback situation at Butler. There is no question that LeMay as a senior would be better than Ferguson as a sophomore. However, I don't think that is a big issue. I have to agree with Coach Newsome when he says that Ferguson is better as a sophomore than LeMay was. HOWEVER, Ferguson still needs work. I expect that he will only improve greatly as the season progresses. Butler doubters, you'll have to find some other weakness to exploit.

Butler has athletes flying all around the place; however Olympic showed us a few of theirs as well. Both teams have athletes, both teams have speed.  I really cannot tell you how either team will do in the regular season based on what I saw today.

On the other end of the field Berry and Concord were going after each other. No question Kenny Patterson was the first thing I noticed. He has grown over last year is now over 6'7". He is a senior and probably has some upside to him at the next level. He needs more QB coaching. Coach Howard mentioned film and more film...

Berry has athletes as we would expect. I thought their lines however were a bit small. That is nothing new as Berry has never had big lines.

On the other side of the ball Concord too had a tall QB and he also has a familiar name, Beecher. Looked a lot like the old Beecher Concord had throwing the ball around back in '04.

Olympic swapped out Butler for Berry and Butler took on Concord. This was probably a good day for the Concord players getting a chance to face the Bulldog from Butler.

There were more people attending the scrimmage than I expected.

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  • My Thoughts on morning scrimmage at Olympic...

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# Corvarius
Sunday, August 15, 2010 1:02 PM
We are just rough round the edges right now and once we get used to having all the new people such as myself begin to play as one we will be alright.
# Dale
Sunday, August 15, 2010 2:49 PM
OK, but who is rough around the edges? There were 3-teams there.

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