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South Mecklenburg Jamboree!

The Five W's... who, what, where, when and why

Who? South Mecklenburg, Independence, Ashbrook, North Mecklenburg, Clover, Davie County, Hopewell, Sun Valley, West Mecklenburg...

What? Football Jamboree... Scrimmage

Where? South Mecklenburg High School

When? August 12, 7:00PM

Why? Because it is football time baby!

South Mecklenburg High School is holding a very large Football Jamboree. What is a Jamboree? It is a large gathering. Here we have a large gathering of football teams.  And what a gathering this is! I was already planning on attending. But after looking at the match-ups, well it makes me want to be there even more.

The Jamboree was originally set to start at 5PM. However, due to the heat Coach Martin has moved the starting time to 7PM and has cleared this with CMS Athletics Director Vicky Hamilton. Because of heat restrictions Sun Valley is not able to attend until 8PM. Coach Martin added West Mecklenburg to the field to cover the loss of Sun Valley for the first round.

The Jamboree will take place in two locations. Four teams will be in the Stadium and four teams will be on the practice field. there will be three round with the details of those rounds to follow. The visitor side concession stand will be open during the Jamboree. Also, coach Martin say that there will be emergency medical assistance  on-site during the event. Also, Coach Martin says they have brought in extra lighting for the event.

In addition to the teams, there will be a total of four officating crews covering each with a crew covering each scrimmage. Everyone will start out with 10 play and a drive scrimmage and then from there it is up to the teams to determine if they want game situation scrimmages. A game situation scrimmage includes everything except the kicking game.

For those that have waited for football to "kickoff" you need to find your way to South Mecklenburg High School Thursday evening! Here are the "rules of engagement" as sent out by Coach Martin. 

Round 1 Flip to see who gets the ball. Teams will go 10 plays then a drive. Teams are responsible to have someone to run the chains during the drive. The ball will be place on the right hash to start the drive. Drive ends on 4 and out, turnover, or you score. Once both teams have had 10 plays and a drive, you can do live situation the rest of the 45 minutes or continue 10 plays and a drive- COACHES MUST AGREE!!

Independence vs. Ashbrook- outside the stadium
West Meck vs. North Meck- Inside the stadium
South Meck vs. Clover- Inside the stadium
Davie County vs Hopewell- outside the stadium
Round 2  Same format as round one unless both head coaches agree to go straight into live situations. Please be respectful of what the other coach wants to do. This is a scrimmage and we are here to get work done not to abuse situations.
Clover vs. Davie County- outside the stadium
Independence vs. Hopewell- inside the stadium
South Meck vs. Sun Valley - inside the stadium
Ashbrook vs North Meck- outside the stadium
Round 3Live situation. Drives starts on the right hash of the 40 yd line. if you score, you may go for 2 pt conversion. Drive ends on turnovers, no first down or when you score.
Clover vs. Sun Valley- outside the stadium
South Meck vs. North Meck- inside the stadium
Independence vs. Davie County- inside the stadium
Hopewell vs. Ashbrook- outside the stadium
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