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2019 1A Yadkin Valley Conference
Last Post 07/19/2019 10:06 AM by Jim West. 2 Replies.
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Jim West Posts:2509
07/08/2019 3:57 PM 0

The Yadkin Valley Conference won't be very exciting in 2019.  Determining what team will win the conference is almost a process of elimination.


Favorite:  North Stanly.  The Comets won't be nearly as strong as last year's senior heavy team, but there's still plenty of talent roaming the hallways of New London.  North Stanly's defense was among one of the best last year in the 1A classification.  Time will tell how this year's defense molds together.

Contenders:  South Stanly, North Rowan.  South Stanly and North Rowan also graduated large senior classes.  South Stanly might have better experience in the skill positions while North Rowan might have better depth.  Both teams could defeat North Stanly.

Best of the Rest:  Albemarle.  The Bulldogs might have their best team since 2014 (well, at least on the field as the Bulldogs had to forfeit 7 games that year).  Albemarle's defense might be in the Top 15 within 1A.  However their offense is a different story.  The talent pipeline is not even close to the level as 10 years ago.


2019 projected conference standings:


1.  North Stanly

2.  North Rowan

3.  South Stanly

4.  Albemarle

5.  Chatham Central

6.  North Moore

7.  South Davidson

RD28327 Posts:219 Junior Member Junior Member
07/12/2019 1:39 PM 1
North Stanly should repeat, but they will be challenged by North Rowan. After that, it's all downhill from here.
Jim West Posts:2509
07/19/2019 10:06 AM 0
This conference could have several surprises. Albemarle probably has the most room to grow. Both Albemarle and North Stanly should have solid defenses while both offenses will be unproven at the early portion of the season. South Stanly might have their best season since Luke Little was their head coach. North Rowan will have a good season, but they might not be as strong as they were in 2017 or 2018. Time will tell.
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