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North Carolina Football Culture, Part 1
Last Post 01/03/2019 9:39 AM by Jim West. 0 Replies.
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Jim West Posts:2473
01/03/2019 9:39 AM 0

North Carolina's football culture varies throughout the state.  Some areas are definitely a hotbed for intense football rivalries.  In some area, football is a religion.

However, in many areas across the state, football intensity simply lags.  In the vast portion of the Triangle, football lags way behind basketball, baseball, soccer, and even hockey.  

Like many of you, I've always heard South Carolina and Georgia high school football have a stronger, embedded culture than North Carolina.  As such, I thought I'd look at how the schools which counties borders either South Carolina and Georgia have fared in the past 25 years in the NCHSAA championship games.  


NCHSAA Champions since 1994 who resides in a county that borders either South Carolina or Georgia:

1994 Burns (3A)
1994 Crest (4A)
1995 West Charlotte (4A)
1996 Crest (4A)
1996 Murphy (1A)
1997 Richmond County (4A)
1998 Richmond County (4A)
1998 Shelby (2A)
2000 Indy (4A)
2001 Indy (4A)
2002 Ashbrook (3AA)
2002 Indy (4AA)
2003 Crest (3AA)
2003 Indy (4AA)
2003 South Point (3A)
2004 Charlotte Catholic (2AA)
2004 Crest (3AA)
2004 Indy (4AA)
2005 Charlotte Catholic (3AA)
2005 Indy (4AA)
2005 Shelby (2AA)
2006 Indy (4AA)
2006 Shelby (2AA)
2008 Richmond County (4AA)
2009 Butler (4AA)
2009 South Point (3AA)
2010 Butler (4AA)
2011 Murphy (1A)
2011 Scotland (4A)
2012 Butler (4AA)
2013 Mallard Creek (4AA)
2013 Murphy (1A)
2013 Shelby (2AA)
2014 Crest (3A)
2014 Mallard Creek (4AA)
2014 Shelby (2A)
2015 Charlotte Catholic (4A)
2015 Crest (3AA)
2015 Mallard Creek (4AA)
2015 Monroe (2AA)
2015 Shelby (2A)
2016 Murphy (1A)
2016 Shelby (2AA)
2016 South Point (3A)
2016 Weddington (3AA)
2017 Harding (4A)
2017 Charlotte Catholic (3A)
2018 Charlotte Catholic (3A)
2018 Murphy (1A)
2018 Shelby (2AA)
2018 Weddington (3AA)


In the past 25 years, we've had a total of 169 NCHSAA championship games.  30% of the state champions reside in a county that borders our southern neighbors.  I have never lived in a North Carolina that borders either South Carolina or North Carolina, but in most of these areas I can definitely tell that a stronger passion for high school football exists than in most other areas across the state.

For those of you who live (or have lived) in a NC County that borders either South Carolina or Georgia, do you believe the proximity to our Southern friends has much efffect on your school's success?  If so, please elaborate in what ways.

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