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Last Post 03/30/2018 10:58 AM by  pepman
West Charlotte 7 on 7 Tournament June 29th
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Dale's right Hand Man

03/30/2018 10:58 AM

    The West Charlotte Football Organization will be putting together a Lions Pride 7 on 7 tournament on Friday June 29th. The Lion Pride 7 on 7 tournament will consist of 20 minute games during pool play and single game elimination tourney play after Lunch. Lunch will be provided for the players and coaches as well as guest speakers.  If you and your organization is interested, please confirm your attendance before May 25. The tournament fee will be $75.00 by May 25. Any teams looking to join after May 25th are subject to a $25.00 late registration fee. Checks will need to be made out to West Charlotte High School Football. If you are interested, please RSVP via email with Coach Harris, joshua1.harris@cms.k12.nc.us  Coach Powell otist.powell@cms.k12.nc.us , and/or Coach Robinson dariusn.robinson@cms.k12.nc.us before May 25. Thank you!



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