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A sneak peak at the 2018 1A football season
Last Post 04/12/2018 3:01 PM by Jim West. 6 Replies.
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Jim West Posts:2028
02/12/2018 1:55 PM 0

We have gone 2 months since the 2017 state championship games.  As such, I'm going through some withdrawal, so just for the fun of it, let's take a real early look at what the 2018 1A season  may look like.  Yes...we won't have any regular season games for another 6 months, but still, let's take a look at the movers and the shakers.

The team in it's own category

1.  Tarboro.  I feel that the Vikings are the most dominant 1A team in the state, regardless of region and size.  This team simply reloads from one year to another.  

The team that is next...and in its own category

2.  Holmes.  The Aces will once again be loaded.  I think they are a step behind the Vikings but at least a step ahead of everyone else.

The teams that no one wants to play come November

3.  East Surry.  The Cardinals should be hungry and loaded for some Granite Bear.  

4.  North Rowan.  The Cavs will be the best of an actually decent Yadkin Valley Conference.

5.  Riverside-Martin.  No, I'm not kidding.  The guys in Williamston will have a very athletic...and experienced team next year.

6.  Murphy.  Maybe a question mark in regards to the Bulldog passing attack, but overall, should be a great year.

7.  Mount Airy.  The Granite Bears lost a considerable amount of offense due to graduation, but there is plenty of talent on this roster.

8.  North Stanly.  The Comets will have a vicious running attack.  Should their defense get nasty, watch out!

9.  Mountain Island Charter.  MIC fans should be smiling this upcoming year as their team is probably the best in the 1A Southern Piedmont.

Don't sleep on these teams!

10.  Mitchell.  I think the Mountaineers might struggle a little this year but they still will be a tough out!

11.  Cherokee.  A huge pair of shoes to be replaced at QB, but overall, this team will be a contender to defend their 1A state title.

12.  Robbinsville.  The Black Knights are no slouches.  After a few subpar seasons, Robbinsville will give Murphy and Cherokee a fight!

13.  Polk County.  Polk County vs. Mitchell should be a whale of a game this year!

14.  Northampton.  We should see Northampton turn some heads this year!  Last year's 11-2 season was no fluke.

15.  Bessemer City.  The Yellow Jackets could give Mountain Island Charter a run for their money!

16.  Pamlico County.  The boys from Bayboro are several steps behind Tarboro and a step behind Riverside, but still, a fine team.

17.  Plymouth.  2017 was the first year since 2011 that the Vikings were not in the 1A state championship game.  Dangerous team come November.

The rest of the Top 25

18.  Union Academy.  Another fine team in the 1A Southern Piedmont Conference.

19.  Thomas Jefferson.  The Gryphons might struggle some due to graduation, but come November, they may surprise us.

20.  West Montgomery.  This might be year 2 of the Warrior reloading process.  Not a top 10 team but still a team to watch.

21.  Lakewood.  The Leopords should supplant North Duplin for the conference title this year.

22.  East Wilkes.  The Cardinals might lack some experience, but their athleticism still has them in the top 25.

23.  Swain County.  The Maroon Devils may struggle some in 2017.

24.  South Stanly.  The Rebel Bulls are not a bad team!  

25.  Granville Central.  The guys from Stem play in the brutal 1A-2A Northern Carolina Conference.  Should hold their own with the other 7 2A teams.


The remaining playoff teams:

26.  Princeton

27.  Rosman

28.  Manteo

29.  South Stokes

30.  East Carteret

31.  Starmount

32.  North Duplin

33.  SE Halifax

34.  South Creek

35.  Southside

36.  Gates County

37.  Winston-Salem Prep

38.  North Edgecombe

39.  Rosewood

40.  Pender

41.  Avery County

42.  Albemarle

43.  Cherryville

44.  Elkin

45.  Pine Lake Prep

46.  Louisburg

47.  South Robeson

48.  Columbia


I would not focus as much as ranking as I would focus on category.  For example, I think the teams ranked 3 through 9 are all very close to each other in terms of potential.




Ladge Posts:461 Junior Member Junior Member
02/12/2018 3:32 PM 0
North Stanly has picked up West Stanly's QB, who has actually moved to Montgomery County but is paying the "fee" to go to North. He is a good QB just wondering if he is going to be happy handing off to Davis consistently. Nobody is happy at West though, if they can wont be surprised to see more leave.
Jim West Posts:2028
02/12/2018 7:14 PM 0
Ladge, it's kind of foreign to me that football athletes are now swarming to North Stanly. In the past, the flow was heading out of the school district.

As far as West Stanly goes, I have to say that the Colts' conference is not what I call a great one for the fans or for the students. Having to go to Biscoe, Wadesboro, Mount Pleasant, Monroe, and Marshville would be a major bummer.
Ladge Posts:461 Junior Member Junior Member
02/12/2018 10:28 PM 0
Has CATA officially announced they are not playing football this fall? Heard teams are scrambling to fill their schedule due to CATA not fielding a team.
Jim West Posts:2028
02/13/2018 6:24 AM 0
Unofficially I have not heard tbat Central Academy will not field a team.

That being stated, I am pretty sure they will not be playing next year.
Gurnade Posts:1 Middle School Middle School
04/12/2018 3:52 AM 0
Jim, How do you feel the Plymouth/ Creswell consolidation will impact small 1-A football in the east? Will the new Washington County HS return to the dominance Plymouth enjoyed over the last 10 seasons or are other teams improving greatly down east?
Jim West Posts:2028
04/12/2018 3:01 PM 0
Posted By Gurnade on 04/12/2018 3:52 AM
Jim, How do you feel the Plymouth/ Creswell consolidation will impact small 1-A football in the east? Will the new Washington County HS return to the dominance Plymouth enjoyed over the last 10 seasons or are other teams improving greatly down east?


Washington County High School should have the same advantage as the traditional Plymouth High School has experienced over the past 10 years.  I don't believe that the consolidation will mean much in terms of additional talent on the squad (I think some of the Creswell talent will not necessarily go to Plymouth...I see some of these kids heading to Columbia and to some private schools).  The team will probably be deeper, but I don't think you will see much more competition within the squad as you may expect.  Could be wrong....

In the East, Washington County should still be considered king.  Northampton County will be in the mix.  I think North Duplin will probably come back down to earth in 2018.  Every so often a team like North Edgecombe will light it up or a traditional 1AA team might drop down to 1A for a year and make a run.  


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