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A Shout out to Dale Ross
Last Post 09/28/2017 5:58 PM by Jim West. 0 Replies.
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Jim West Posts:1804
09/28/2017 5:58 PM 2

Dale Ross is a good man.

Over the past year I've got to really know Dale, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, Dale Ross loves North Carolina high school football.  He doesn't care what jersey you wear, what team you pull for, or whether you are from North Carolina or from outside the state, he treats us all the same.

As potential students of the game.

Dale also has an eye for talent, both on the gridiron and off the gridiron.  We could all learn something from Dale.  He may have a different opinion than you, but his opinion is well derived and sincere.

I am glad to call Dale Ross my friend.

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