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Last Post 02/18/2014 10:31 AM by  jjsphotos
wrestling regionals 2014
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02/15/2014 11:51 PM

    west regionals conso semifinals (winners advance to third place game and clinch berth in state tournament) 
    106 * Calvin Clark (freedom) vs Madison Tipton -(enka) 
    Justin smith (Pisgah) vs Cameron Sarvis (KM) 
    113* Isaac Hollar (FTF) vs Joseph Bedard (EG)
    Dakota griffith (st stephens) vs Zach Melton (KM)
    120* Court patton (patton)vs Caleb Hart (FTF)
    Aydan Arroyo (NBuncombe) vs Eric Harvey (EG)
    126* AustinHughes (Fred T Foard) vs Conrad Pogorzelski (Forestview) 
    CoreyCorrell (Hibriten) vs Emani Burris (Ashbrook)
    132* DylanCassidy (Fred T Foard) vs Tyler Davis (South Point) 
    TaylorSmith (Kings Mountain) vs Nathan Steffanic (West Henderson) 
    138* JamesSmith (Burns) vs Jared Bassett (East Gaston) 
    ZacharyWilson (Clyde A. Erwin) vs Aaron Owensby (East Henderson) 
    145* OmariBatts (Ashbrook) vs Keith Hicks (Freedom) 
    AlexAustin (Kings Mountain) vs Santiago Morris (Patton)
    152* DylanMillson (Burns) vs Jack Reep (East Gaston) 
    ZikeesPendergrass (Ashbrook) vs Kalub Stone (Fred T Foard)
    160* JordanGray (Crest) vs Tyler Spurling (East Gaston) 
    BrianMayfield (Freedom) vs Justin Hogan (Tuscola)
    170* BlakeWarren (Ashbrook) vs (crest or asheville) 
    JohnKinson (St. Stephens) vs Austin Champion (Kings Mountain)
    182* HunterPenley (Hibriten) vs Caleb Bumgarner (Fred T Foard) 
    CoreyArmstrong (Ashbrook) vs Peter Simonovich (North Buncombe) 
    195* CalebGwaltney (North Buncombe) vs Garrett Oakes (Forestview) 
    DerickWeber (Ashbrook) vs Kelley Brendell (Enka)
    220* NickCostigan (Burns) vs Wanya Rankins (St. Stephens) 
    TayvonWoodruff (Hibriten) vs Hunter Kinser (Enka)
    285* ThomasPropst (Hickory) vs James Passmore (North Gaston) 
    JonathanMinton (Hibriten) vs Logan Locklear (St. Stephens)

    west regionals finals (both have already clinched spot at next weeks state tournament in greensboro)
    106 * michael auten - southpoint vs Cole Riggs Fred T Foard
    113* Mike Langford - N Henderson vs Gabriel Wilson - Erwin.
    120* Charlie Putnam- Enka vs Nathan Rice NG
    126* Dalton McGalliard- Freedom vs Justin Payne - Erwin.
    132* Jacob Grigg - East Gaston vs Jackson Singleton - Enka
    138* Chris Hunt St Stephens vs Taylor Rozynski - N Buncombe
    145* Jaquez Hunter-Cathey EG vs Dillion o'Neil - Pisgah
    152* Zacharias Fincannon - st stephens vs Jacob Honeycutt - Freedom.
    160* Trevor Cook oard vs Thomas Singley Patton.
    170* Mark Bedard - EG vs Tate Blanton - Foard
    182* Brandon Dills - Enka vs Landon Henry - Asheville.
    195* Christian Ohmer - Foard vs Dustin Greene - Crest 
    220* Michael Simonovich - N Buncombe vs cameron wilfong - Foard
    285* Cody Lamb - Pisgah vs Jordan Wilson - EG


    02/18/2014 10:31 AM

    fred t foard won the 2014 western regionals. here are some of my faves from sundays 3 rounds. first round was consolation semifinals - winners earned berth in the state and shot at bronze medal. second round was championship and consolation finals. all four going at the time were already qualified for states so this was for pride and seeding. (west 1 vs east 4 kinda thing)

    ever wished you could rare back and hit a referee?

    trying to bookend his high school career - james passmore takes third to qualify for state where he took gold as a freshman - now a 4 time state qualifier.


    western regional champions Fred T Foard

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