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Last Post 11/27/2011 11:44 PM by  Dale Ross
Charlotte Hoops Challenge
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Jeffrey Terrenzio
Sophomore Member
Sophomore Member

11/27/2011 9:19 AM

    The Charlotte Hoops challenge is a great barometer to gauge just how good some of the Charlotte area teams are going to be this season as they take on strong competitors from out of state.  I attended Friday's session...

    Hunter Huss beat Vance in a close one.  To answer a question from a previous post, Vance is not a legit contender this year, but that is because they are very young.  They do have a legit go to player in Caleb Davis; a 6' point guard with court vision and scoring ability.  Davis, a junior can attack the hoop and has good body control around the tin.  He showed above average court vision over the course of the game too, making several nice passes setting up team-mates.  He looked like a legit low major prospect on Friday.  Huss overall was a little too much for the young Vance squad.  Sophmore Kerrion Moore is very aggressive and athletic... he can really D it up.  He looks the part of a RB/DB.  6'5" Sr F Jaelen Kennedy looked to be their most impressive b-ball player, with an inside out game that was unexpected.  Both teams can compete, but Vance is a year away.

    To answer another question from a previous post, Hardin is also not a contender they are a 1 trick pony.  Jarvis Haywood is the only notable player on the team and he can not carry them to a  championship.  Haywood had impressive first half, he is a shot maker.  But Milton one of the best team in GA, was wayyy to much for Hardin.  *Shaq Johnson of Milton (Auburn) is the most impressive leaper I have seen and I have seen a lot of high flyers.

    Olympic although not impressive, beat the other GA team in the tournament, Buford.  Buford was without AJ Davis (Antonio Davis' son) as he is waiting to gain eligability.  That said Olympic did their thing, however they are a bit over-rated.  The Clt Observer is claiming 7 guys on the team are being courted by DI programs.  It is hard to believe...  I counted 4.  Berry who I believe can compete this season also beat Buford on Saturday (I did not attend)...

    Davidson Day played a poor game vs. The Miller School (one of the top teams out of VA).  The Miller School is led by Andrew White a 6'7" SF who has offers from Texas, NC State, Maryland, Memphis, etc... Day played with them, but ultimatly just wasnt able to put the ball in the hoop enough.  They shot the ball very poorly in this one, but they did prove they are going to be a threat again this season;  Rashaun Davis is quick as a cat and can get to the tin!  They got not wing size in Brown, Albritton, and Jarell Eddie's little brother Jasen.  Phillip Anglade is a powerful 6'4" jumping jack that can play at least DII ball...  I believe he is athletic enough to play PF at 6'4" at a low level DI school.

    Finally it doesnt look like United Faith is nearly as strong as they have been in the past.  Braxton is a stud, but when he is not making shots, this team will struggle.  They are too reliant on 1 player to do their scoring.  Sure they will abuse lesser talented teams, but when they are playing against higher level competition it will be a problem.  Nehmiah Mabson a 6'6" 230lb junior face up 4 man played very hard and may get some low level looks down the line.  He is former Carolina Panther's 2nd round pick Eric Shelton's younger brother.  Another player of note is 6'5" 8th grader VJ King, who I would like to see more of... he may turn into a 6'8"-6'9" wing in a few years... look out!!

    Dale Ross
    Site Admin

    11/27/2011 11:44 PM
    my son went on Friday. Have not asked himi how things went.
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