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0 Replies and 123 Views Kings Mountain Force  123  0 Started by  jjsphotos   mew team moved from a spring to a summer league and here is the schedule. Home games are at the Kings mountain optimist field. 
0 123
05/17/2017 5:54 AM
0 Replies and 455 Views Semi-pro football Carolina Force (kings mtn) vs Blue ridge raiders (asheville)  455  0 Started by  jjsphotos final Carolina Force 20 Blue Ridge 6. force showing potential. very strong defense. offense a bit shaky learning to work together.  home game at kings mountain optimist field sat 2/18 8pm   North Gastons Quavon Diaz   south points Tyler Bray   owner and coach with kings mtn mayor
0 455
02/20/2017 9:31 AM
0 Replies and 252 Views Semi-Pro Football  252  0 Started by  jjsphotos brand new spring league semi-pro football.  practise at Kings Mtn Optimist but looks like home games will now be at Mountain Island Charter. I will be their official photographer     Saturday, 2/11 vs Rutherford County Raiders at Mooresboro,NC Saturday, 2/18 vs Blue Ridge Raiders at Kings Mountain NC Saturday, 2/25 vs Carolina Avengers at Kings Mountain NC Saturday, 3/4 vs South Carolina Bulls at Summerville, SC ...
0 252
01/31/2017 6:34 AM
0 Replies and 571 Views Rome Braves @ Kannapolis Intimidators  571  0 Started by  jjsphotos future lefty for Atlanta. 9ks in 7innings (shelby) crest highs Brad Keller old timers checking out the next wave  
0 571
06/30/2016 8:39 PM
0 Replies and 1491 Views Dennis Rodman is an Idiot  1491  0 Started by  Dale Ross Just wanted to say it.
0 1491
04/22/2014 7:23 PM
1 Replies and 1010 Views Panthers  1010  1 Started by  TreyMHS So its pretty cool that the Panthers are above .500 again. Think they got a shot at playoffs
1 1010
by  Dale RossJump to last post
10/25/2013 4:00 PM
1 Replies and 1446 Views Jags Vs Panthers  1446  1 Started by  Dale Ross 10-8 Jax... Cam Newton has to get smarter!
1 1446
by  Dale RossJump to last post
09/25/2011 3:45 PM
0 Replies and 749 Views Cam Newton Future...  749  0 Started by  Dale Ross Cam said it best in the postgame press conference; 'it’s no college no more.' If he can stop forcing things and learn get rid of the ball when in trouble; he is going to be a great NFL quarterback &160;
0 749
09/18/2011 4:09 PM
11 Replies and 1101 Views Packers Vs Panthers  1101  11 Started by  Dale Ross 13-0 last two were field goals... thinking Panthers might should have gone for TD&160;on at least one of them, the first.
11 1101
by  Dale RossJump to last post
09/18/2011 2:58 PM
0 Replies and 727 Views Cam Newton seems to be the answer...  727  0 Started by  Dale Ross WOW... Cam Newton is 'ballin'
0 727
09/18/2011 12:11 PM
6 Replies and 1420 Views Have the Panthers found a quaterback???  1420  6 Started by  Dale Ross ...
6 1420
by  Dale RossJump to last post
11/23/2010 2:25 PM
0 Replies and 786 Views Kenny Moore  786  0 Started by  Dale Ross He was on Fox new tonight. Come on panthers, pick him back up!
0 786
11/14/2010 11:56 PM
0 Replies and 773 Views Pantherrs Vs 49ers  773  0 Started by  Dale Ross 49ers longest run of season.... longest pass play of season four Plays 72-yards
0 773
10/24/2010 12:21 PM
7 Replies and 1320 Views I love this, check it out!  1320  7 Started by  Dale Ross
7 1320
by  Dale RossJump to last post
10/17/2010 2:28 AM
7 Replies and 1256 Views Panthers' Jarrett charged with DWI  1256  7 Started by  Dale Ross http://www.charlotteobserver.com/20...-with.html Cut him...
7 1256
by  Dale RossJump to last post
10/06/2010 10:19 PM
4 Replies and 1143 Views Panthers 0-3... surprised?  1143  4 Started by  Dale Ross Not me...
4 1143
by  Dale RossJump to last post
09/27/2010 8:52 PM
0 Replies and 898 Views Is Matt Moore done?  898  0 Started by  Dale Ross So who thinks that Matt Moore has started his last game - barring injury to Clausen -
0 898
09/19/2010 2:43 PM
0 Replies and 871 Views Panthers Offensive Touchdown!  871  0 Started by  Dale Ross Yep they scored one...
0 871
09/19/2010 12:58 PM
4 Replies and 1327 Views Hakeem Nicks catches 3 TD-s for Giants  1327  4 Started by  Randy it's kinda cool to think we watched him as a kid
4 1327
by  RandyJump to last post
09/14/2010 10:38 AM
1 Replies and 1089 Views Panthers again...  1089  1 Started by  Dale Ross The panthers fixed their turnover problems by getting rid of Delome&160;hardly...
1 1089
by  asu225Jump to last post
09/14/2010 12:25 AM
0 Replies and 862 Views Jake Delome Voted Browns team captain  862  0 Started by  Dale Ross He's a leader so no surprise. Good luck to you Jake! Not that you will see this...
0 862
09/08/2010 1:14 PM
0 Replies and 861 Views Panthers cut Kenny Moore and Ray Guy  861  0 Started by  Dale Ross Two forner Charlotte High School players were cut. Will Kenny Moore land somewhere else Will Guy be put on the Panther Practice squad
0 861
09/05/2010 4:40 PM
2 Replies and 1034 Views Panthers no offensive TDs in preseason  1034  2 Started by  Dale Ross Not looking good for the regular season is it
2 1034
by  Dale RossJump to last post
09/03/2010 8:24 AM
0 Replies and 811 Views Jack Tatum  811  0 Started by  Dale Ross Just read that Jack Tatum has died at age 61 http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Former-Oakland-Raiders-All-Pro-safety-Jack-Tatum-dies-at-61-072710GT1=39002
0 811
07/27/2010 10:49 PM
3 Replies and 1240 Views PANTHERS vs FALCONS 11/15  1240  3 Started by  jjsphotos anyone ntrested in a pair of tickets section 229 - between the goal posts on the end line. pm me for price (face value)
3 1240
by  asu225Jump to last post
11/16/2009 11:43 PM
0 Replies and 1380 Views series ruling????????????  1380  0 Started by  jjsphotos 1st up - dont really care who wins. ruling phillies at bat, runner on 2nd 2 out ** &160;single to left ** throw home, runners effort is not to tag the plate but to knock the ball away from the catcher. (which i hate anyway) runner never touched the plate, but no tag or appeal to the ump and they pitch to the next guy.&160; so what do you rule as the plate ump
0 1380
11/01/2009 8:45 PM
2 Replies and 999 Views For Jake when it rains it poors  999  2 Started by  Dale Ross Oh well. Jake jus tthrew the INT that allows the Bucs to tie. Damn I like Jake but these turnovers are a bit much.
2 999
by  Dale RossJump to last post
10/18/2009 2:47 PM
1 Replies and 1160 Views Panther stadium last night  1160  1 Started by  Randy wow did Jake suck &160;
1 1160
by  asu225Jump to last post
01/19/2009 11:23 PM
0 Replies and 1109 Views Ugly  1109  0 Started by  Dale Ross Man was this tampa bay game ugly. Offense was horrible today. It looked like we rarely ran the right plays. I put this lose on the coaches.
0 1109
10/12/2008 3:02 PM
8 Replies and 1244 Views Panthers 34 KC 0  1244  8 Started by  Dale Ross Panthers get a shutout! They played very well today.
8 1244
by  asu225Jump to last post
10/07/2008 3:51 PM
3 Replies and 1239 Views I thought Smith had turned it around  1239  3 Started by  Dale Ross I really thought Steve Smith had turned that anger thing around. So now he is apologizing for what he did. But as we all know, this is not the first time he has punched a teammate. And just like before he did considerable damage to the teammate. Lucas has a broken nose. I know this is a rough game and the tempers can flare. But come on, he might not have meant to hurt him so badly. But he has got to learn to control that temper or the panthers need to cut him loose. What do others think
3 1239
by  Dale RossJump to last post
10/05/2008 1:23 PM
0 Replies and 1012 Views Panthers are kicking KC butt right now!  1012  0 Started by  Dale Ross Halftime 21-0. Looking realy good. Williams is having a great day. Jake is playing well too.
0 1012
10/05/2008 1:22 PM
0 Replies and 1321 Views Jake Delhomme NFC Player of the week  1321  0 Started by  Dale Ross If you saw the game Sunday then you know, Jake had a very good day. He was named the NFC player of the week http://blogs.charlotte.com/panthers/2008/10/delhommes-nfc-p.html
0 1321
10/01/2008 8:49 PM
0 Replies and 1086 Views Panthers vs Falcons  1086  0 Started by  Dale Ross Well so far the panthers are looking good. Excellent passing game today.
0 1086
09/28/2008 2:31 PM
2 Replies and 1316 Views Yankee Stadium  1316  2 Started by  Devil"66 Those folks in NYC sure can throw a party.&160; Watched the finale at Yankee Stadium last night.&160; All I can say is wow!&160; There was one hell-of-a-lot of history on that field during the pre-game cerimony.&160; If one did not see that, you really missed something.
2 1316
by  asu225Jump to last post
09/22/2008 11:03 PM
1 Replies and 1330 Views Got to love what you see  1330  1 Started by  Dale Ross You've got to love what we've seen from the Panthers so far. Nice come back today!
1 1330
by  asu225Jump to last post
09/14/2008 9:12 PM
0 Replies and 1065 Views Panthers and Skins  1065  0 Started by  asu225 Anyone watch this one I know it was only preseason but I still enjoyed it.
0 1065
08/25/2008 1:11 AM
1 Replies and 1363 Views Buck O'Neill  1363  1 Started by  Devil"66 MLB finally gives Buck O'Neill his place in Cooperstown.&160; All I can say is it's about time.&160; See attached link from Yahoo Sports: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=AnN_qmtXlV0fULymDHwRiSYRvLYFslug=jp-buckoneil072408&prov=yhoo&type=lgns
1 1363
by  Dale RossJump to last post
07/26/2008 11:09 AM
5 Replies and 1973 Views Bulls win Draft Lottery  1973  5 Started by  KTown-Yankee The Bulls&160;get the 1 pick in the draft.Say hello to Michael Beasley Chicago.
5 1973
by  KTown-YankeeJump to last post
06/26/2008 10:42 PM
16 Replies and 1529 Views Roger Clemens  1529  16 Started by  KTown-Yankee Who do you believe Clemens or his trainerSomebody's not telling the truth.Maybe when both appear before congress under oath next week we will get some answers.
16 1529
by  Dale RossJump to last post
05/27/2008 9:21 AM
1 Replies and 1180 Views Former Panther found dead  1180  1 Started by  Dale Ross Sad to see things like this... http://www.charlotte.com/507/story/621527.html
1 1180
by  KTown-YankeeJump to last post
05/13/2008 9:50 PM
7 Replies and 1328 Views Larry Brown new Bobcats Coach!  1328  7 Started by  Dale Ross Larry Brown has been named the new Bobcats coach! http://www.charlotte.com/109/story/601807.html
7 1328
by  Dale RossJump to last post
05/06/2008 10:48 PM
0 Replies and 1038 Views The Charlotte Observer is reporting...  1038  0 Started by  Dale Ross ...that they have a source that says Larry Brown will be the next coach of the Bobcats! If you want a winner, that is a good move. http://www.charlotte.com/209/story/601288.html
0 1038
04/29/2008 7:16 AM
3 Replies and 1315 Views Bobcats fire Vincent  1315  3 Started by  Dale Ross From Charlotte.com http://www.charlotte.com/109/story/597368.html Could the next step be hiring Larry Brown
3 1315
by  Dale RossJump to last post
04/29/2008 7:15 AM
6 Replies and 1322 Views Panthers First Round Pick  1322  6 Started by  Dale Ross Jonathan Stewart RB/Oregon
6 1322
by  Dale RossJump to last post
04/27/2008 11:12 PM
0 Replies and 1035 Views Larry Brown to Bobcats?  1035  0 Started by  Dale Ross Read this story on Charlotte.com... http://www.charlotte.com/sports_breaking/story/596890.html Now that would be interesting. Would get my interest up a little more for the bobcats.
0 1035
04/25/2008 11:05 PM
4 Replies and 1141 Views Sell the Bobcats?  1141  4 Started by  Dale Ross Tom Sorensen writes that Johnson should sell the bobcats. He also says that Jordan says he should be paid for appearances. Jordan is a team owner. What is up with that http://www.charlotte.com/bobcats/story/582830.html
4 1141
by  Dale RossJump to last post
04/17/2008 8:32 PM
2 Replies and 1169 Views Herschel Walker: I once played Russian roulette  1169  2 Started by  Dale Ross http://www.charlotte.com/sports_breaking/story/580568.html Hope he is all better now!
2 1169
by  Dale RossJump to last post
04/17/2008 11:01 AM
9 Replies and 1455 Views Panthers Release Foster  1455  9 Started by  KTown-Yankee I guess about everybody saw this one coming.More salary cap freed up.Will be interesting to see who the panthers pursue in free agency and the draft.
9 1455
by  Dale RossJump to last post
03/01/2008 2:15 PM
4 Replies and 1192 Views Panthers Cut Morgan  1192  4 Started by  KTown-Yankee Carolina Panthers released LB Dan Morgan today.Will Carr be next Mike Wahle OG also released today by the Panthers.
4 1192
by  Dale RossJump to last post
02/19/2008 9:33 PM
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